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    • Packing up.  It looks like Fidge is pretty well exhausted.

      Time to go home.


    • drtrillion replied to your post: Bonus features: “Waterfowl think Fidge…

      And grownups playing with tiny toys is a problem because…?

      Mainly just because I’m uncomfortable having people stop and watch me! But I got over it. Mostly.


    • photo from Tumblr

      Bonus features: “Waterfowl think Fidge Looks Delicious” plus “Leslie appears to be an adult-ass lady playing with tiny toys in front of the Queen of England’s house.”


    • As we left the park to look at Buckingham Palace, I went to buy Fidge a treat to help her get over her ordeal. When I came back, I found her like this.

      Where on earth did she get that?!

      She said the Lady of the Lake gave it to her, so now she’s the queen.

      I responded that, a) It’s supposed to be a sword, b) where did she even hear that story? And c), that definitely didn’t happen.

      She wasn’t listening to me, though. She was trying to “rule” over the Nibblets.  They were having none of it.

      She then promised them that if they’d march in formation, she’d pay them with a bit of the cookie I’d just bought her.

      That got their attention.  They shortly began to get organized with amazing efficiency, though the result was not what Fidge had been hoping.

      That was the last Fidge saw of that cookie.


    • Today we took a walk through St. James’s Park up to Buckingham Palace.


      Fidge was completely fascinated with the swans.  She asked if we could see one up close, so I took her to find one.


      When we got nearer, she started to worry that they were “too big.”  She nervously asked if geese were smaller than swans.  When I confirmed that to be the case, she asked if we could get close to one of those instead.


      "I thought you said these were small?"


      It just went downhill from there.


    • photo from Tumblr

      I loved the Grant Museum of Zoology. A whole bunch.

      (I’d never heard of sea mice before.)


    • We couldn’t get the Nibblets interested in anything historical, but Fidge wanted to come along to the Tower of London.


      She was somewhat shocked by how violent many of the stories were.


      But she quite liked many of the uniforms worn by both the wardens and the guards.  This gentleman’s hat fascinated her in particular. 

      All the history and walking around made Fidge hungry, so we bought her a scone.  This was her second favorite thing about the Tower of London (after the hat).image

      When she was about halfway done with her snack, she looked away to watch a yeoman warder giving a tour, and when she looked back, the scone was GONE.


      She insists a ghost stole it. 


      I think a different sort of famous inhabitant may be to blame.


    • photo from Tumblr


      Some teaser photographs from El Dodo Albino for the Dubious Expedition. I’m so thrilled to have him joining us for this show! 

      It’s gonna be a very good show…


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