Welcome to the home of the Beastlies!

Each little monster is hand‐sculpted, unique, and waiting to be adopted!

    • BAH I didn’t get another round of Beastlies in the shop in time. I apologize. I’ll have a whole bunch ready to go as soon as I get back from the retreat in June though!


    • I’m going to try to get one more Beastlie batch in the shop before I go… Hopefully I can swing it!


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      One week from today I’m heading north to host the 2017 Wayward Retreats! I’ll be more or less off the grid for a month, but when I get back I’ll have a lot of retreat goodness to share.

      I’m incredibly excited to meet the new retreaters and show everyone what we have planned for them! This venture has become an important part of my creative life, and I’m looking forward to making Wayward better each year. Waywardladies.com


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      Okay! I’ve got the Beastlie listings in the store all made, just give me a little time to write up their descriptions… I’ll make them live today at 5:30pm PST


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      Getting some Beastlies ready to go up in the shop! Stay tuned, I’ll let you know when they’ll be up.


    • As Wayward Retreat planning goes into the final weeks, it’s started to fully dawn on me how long I’m going to be off the grid. I’m going to the island a week early to get it ready, then two week-long retreat sessions… That’s three weeks with no internet or cell service (Well, I’ll head into town for a day between sessions, so I’ll have two short periods to check my email and such. But still).

      I need to get some new books.


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      Repost from @strangerfactory on Instagram: “Just how many creatures are in the resin “Crea” by @beastlies ?
      Count them in your own home under originals at www.circusposterus.com


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      Doing a lot of work I can’t post about yet! The Wayward retreat is just about a month away, and there’s an endless list of things to do. We’ve got two, week-long sessions full of talented women that we have to feed and craft an amazing, creatively-fulfilling experience for, and it’s so tempting to post about some of the stuff we’ve come up with. But no! Mustn’t risk spoiling surprises for the retreaters. So instead, here’s an older shot of me with my two co-planners, Mad Dog and Shing, metaphorically surveying the horizon.


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      He did this entirely on his own. Nearly stepped on him.


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      Repost from @strangerfactory on Instagram: “Here’s a very quick tour through Shing Yin Khor’s “Apothecary” and Leslie Levings’ “Guide to Minor Gods & Household Spirits” exhibitions! Come visit the gallery to view in person, or check out strangerfactory.com to see all the pieces online! @sawdustbear @beastlies #strangerfactory


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