Welcome to the home of the Beastlies!

Each little monster is hand‐sculpted, unique, and waiting to be adopted!

    • Change of plans! The second half of this week’s Beastlies won’t be in the shop today. Tomorrow is more likely.


    • Hello! Someone just sent me a fanmail asking how to find the larger pieces for sale.  Tumblr won’t let me respond to that unless I’ve been following your blog for a certain period of time, so I’ll answer here:

      The pieces that are still available from my most recent show can be found here. Thanks!


    • photo from Tumblr

      Here’s the small batch for today! They’ll be live in the shop at 3pm PST. (More Thursday!)


    • I left half of this week’s Beastlies at the office.  So I’m going to list half today and then do the rest on Thursday. 


    • photo from Tumblr

      Six years ago today, I married Emory, who is the best. All our friends and family and favorite dinosaurs were there and it was a happy day.


    • clockways:


      ecarrart replied to your photo “Not all Beastlies enjoy the post-baking ice bath.”
      Why do you put them in ice after baking?

      My portable oven cools down unevenly, so I was getting a lot of cracked Beastlies.  The ice bath prevents the cracking, and as a bonus makes them stronger!

      A note to NOT do this if you have any sort of an armature! Not only will the materials cool at very different rates (and so increase your chance of cracking) but if there’s any gaps the water can get between the armature and the clay and separate it (esp the nasty condensation). I tried it with both and it cracked or left cracks in anything paired with wood but it seemed to do just lovely with the full clay ones.

      Well there ya go.


    • I vote for Christmas in July! ��

      Actually… Comic Con would not be a terrible place to bring snow globes. If I have time to get them done, that is. They are the most hassle of anything ever.


    • impistry replied to your post “ecarrart replied to your photo “Not all Beastlies enjoy the…”

      I did not know this and it is an awesome tip o.o! So you just stick them in an ice bath right after they come out?

      Yep! Toss ‘em right in until they’re completely cooled.


    • AAAH! I meant 5! Sorry everyone!! Going up in the shop now.



      There are! I usually make a dozen or so every December, but I wasn’t able to do them this past winter.  Next year, I hope!


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