Welcome to the home of the Beastlies!

Each little monster is hand‐sculpted, unique, and waiting to be adopted!

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      He did this entirely on his own. Nearly stepped on him.


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      Repost from @strangerfactory on Instagram: “Here’s a very quick tour through Shing Yin Khor’s “Apothecary” and Leslie Levings’ “Guide to Minor Gods & Household Spirits” exhibitions! Come visit the gallery to view in person, or check out strangerfactory.com to see all the pieces online! @sawdustbear @beastlies #strangerfactory


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      Beastlies! It’s been a very long time, I know, but I’ve got Beastlies ready to go! Here are some of the ones waiting in the shop, and the rest can be seen here! I’ll make them available tomorrow. So, Sunday at 11am, PST. See you then!


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      All the available pieces from Guide to Minor Gods and Household Spirits are now also in the Circus Posterus “originals” section, which makes purchasing simpler, on CircusPosterus.com


    • Going to take this time to revisit the idea of doing a Patreon. Could be a way to go.


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      We have a lot of serious, important Wayward Retreat meetings, but sometimes we also do tea tastings to pick the right blend for the week. #detailoriented


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      look at this cool little dude that I made!

      he’s a miniature replica of this fantastic sculpture by leslie levings so be sure to check out her blog @beastlies if you dig rad creature designs and gorgeous art

      Little cutie based on one of my pieces!


    • The other thing that’s taking up all my brain for the next couple months is the Wayward Retreat! This is the first year we opened it up to applicants in an additional session, and we’re committed to making it amazing. 

      This is also the first year it’s being run as a “we!” When it was just one week of friends, I did it myself for funsies. Now that it’s a Real Thing, Shing and Mad Dog (her name is Lauren, but she goes by Mad Dog) and I are meeting and planning and arguing all the time about how this can be the best thing we can create. 

      Here’s a dramatization of what it’s like when 3 women with strong opinions collaborate:

      Me: Okay, cool. So we’ve set the programming for Tuesday. By the way, I’m going to buy this throw blanket for the couch.

      Mad Dog: What? It’s brown. That’s all wrong. Our color story for the living room tells the story of the theme and it HAS to be green.

      Me: No, I COMPLETELY disagree. You’re not understanding how brown conveys the concept of our OVERALL goals, and green would completely ruin it.

      Mad Dog: You are 100% wrong and you’re never going to change my mind on this.

      Me: You could not be more entirely wrong about literally everything.

      Shing: ….Do we NEED a throw blanket?

      (I love them)


    • photo from Tumblr

      What? What even ARE these?! This has been the longest I’ve gone without making Beastlies in… Ten years, I think?? Back in the saddle…


    • “Faithful,” one of my wall-hanging pieces from Guide to Minor Gods and Household Spirits, is available now, though Stranger Factory!


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