Welcome to the home of the Beastlies!

Each little monster is hand‐sculpted, unique, and waiting to be adopted!

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      Forgot to check how this would look when it’s on a wall at eye level or higher. Turns out it looks NOT SO GREAT when you can’t really see his ding dang face. Only hope is to try to reattach his head at a better angle. Wish I’d thought of this about a thousand little scales ago…


    • I’ve gotta start identifying myself online with my dang name, and not the brand I created. Back when I thought that was the only thing I was likely to ever create, it seemed like a good idea. But now it makes more sense to be my name as much as possible. So, just a heads up: Going to start swapping social media handles from Beastlies from Leslie Levings as much as possible. DON’T BE ALARMED. :)


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      Repost from @waywardladies - One tricky aspect of programming a retreat for all types of creative disciplines is figuring out what sort of collaborative project will give everyone a chance to shine while still connecting to the other voices around them. We’re developing a really killer idea this year. If things go according to plan (knock on wood!) it’ll be like nothing you’ve ever done before.


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      We can’t wait for you to meet Alma, the 5th Wayward Retreat staff member. She is very important.

      Alma dog rides in canoes without tipping them, catches mice trying to invade the house, asks permission before getting on the couch, and will (mostly) show you the way to and from the bay. If you’re taking too long hiking to/from the bay, she maaaaay ditch you and go on ahead. Look, she’s a busy lady with no time to spare.


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      Time flows like a river… Applications for the 2018 Wayward Retreat close at the end of January. We welcome all types of artists: writers, painters, filmmakers, composers, and on and on and on. Last year we had our first dancer! Will you be our first something this year? Repost from @waywardladies


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      Painting painting painting

      LOOK at this cutie!


      (No, I do NOT consider all those exclamation marks excessive.)

      He is sitting in a place of honor on my desk, where I can make eye contact with him every time I sit down to write. He is EVEN CUTER in person and fits right in the palm of my hand.

      @beastlies does incredible work. I can’t cope with this, so here. Have pictures:

      Aw yay! Little buddy in his new home!


    • beastlies:

      And look, if you have any questions about the retreat- about your eligibility, the vibe, the house, the payment schedule- contact me. No question is too awkward or dumb.

      Still true.


    • Aaaah there’s only a few weeks left until Wayward Retreat applications close. Then we’ll find out what completely new and unique combination of creative voices we’re going to witness! So many unexpected collaborations emerge at the Wayward Retreats. 

      …and you never know what the island might offer…

      So looking forward to the 2018 session!


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      More Beastlie facial expression studies. Keeping them to just little lumps with no limbs or anything makes it look like I’ve just made a collection of emotional limes.


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      Good morning! I have the first handful of Small Gods all finished and ready to go up in the shop! I’ll make them available at 1pm, PST today. 


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