What are these?
Beastlies are hand-sculpted monsters that I make.

How do you make them?
Like this!

What are they made of?
They’re made from polymer clay. I use Sculpey III and Premo.

What tools do you use?
I have a bunch of different tools, including some I made myself. Here are my favorites.

How do you remove fingerprints and make them look smooth?
This is the question I get asked most often, but I really don’t remove fingerprints! All Beastlies are covered in my prints. See?

If you’re sculpting in polymer clay, just try to hold your work gently. If you don’t use the death grip, your prints will stay light.

Do you sketch out your designs before sculpting them?
Nope, I just start with a little potato-shaped lump of clay and go from there.

Can you make me a custom Beastlie or other figure?
I’m afraid I’m too swamped to take any commissions right now!